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She blushed again and lowered her eyes. "I...I do like girls sometimes and you're really beautiful!"And slowly, the tickling on his side came to a halt. Brist's eyes widened, both in initial relief and a perverted sense of disappointment."I'm not a knight," she panted, "not a knight, not a knight—"A Case for Lady-Ladles: Why Being Big Spoon is Awesome

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"What?!" she interrupted, playfully exasperated. She finally looked up at my face and her dazzling blue eyes met mine. "You jerk off, I use a vibrator. Sex is a totally normal thing, there's no reason to hide it." Her fingers were now gripping me more deliberately, my cock still lubricated from the lotion I had been using and the previous tingling from my near orgasm quickly returning."Sorry man, I thought she toweled off." I apologized.We arrived at the nightclub and met Chris and Melissa. Chris was looking sharp in a pair of skinny legged trousers and a fitted long-sleeve shirt that highlighted his very tone figure. Melissa was an absolute sight to see…. She was rocking a fitted red blouse with a high collar that sexily exposed her shapely shoulders and hugged her chest area fastening at her lower back. Her top had a large diamond opening in the middle of her chest exposing her luscious cleavage, and with the back of her blouse exposing her entire back, it was clear that she like my wife was wearing no bra, it was very evident seeing how snug her skirt was that Melissa wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Melissa was killing it in a pair of red patent leather “fuck-me” pumps to round off her sultry attire. We met and headed to the restaurant portion of the club and as we prepared to sit, Lynn suggested that we start the swap early and sit with the other’s spouse. Chris jumped at the opportunity and assumed his place next to my wife, and I happily sat next to Melissa. The couples sat together across from the other allowing each to witness how their respective spouse with their new partner. There was definitely a lot of sexual tension in the air but there was almost as much apprehension surrounding us as well. Throughout dinner, it was evident that both Chris and Lynn were playing with each other under the table. As for me and Melissa, she had pulled my cock out of my pants and been stroking me off and on through dinner. My left hand and fingers spent most of the night up Melissa’s skirt and in between her legs playing with her pussy. As I played with Melissa through dinner, I got turned on both by playing with Melissa’s pussy and seeing how erect my wife’s nipples were as Chris played with her. Melissa’s top was so snuggly fit that her nipples couldn’t hide the fact that like my wife, she was enjoying what was happening to her under the table. It seemed that she had changed up the jewelry on her pussy lips, instead of the barbell over the hood of her clit, she had what felt like a small hoop on one of her vulva lips and a tiny chain with a charm that felt like a heart…. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I sure looked forward to finding out for sure. Through dinner, we playfully threw out sexual innuendos that heightened the tension flowing between us. As the second and third bottles of wine emptied, I realized that inhibitions were lowering by the minuteDuring the course of our meal, the conversation became more and more sexually explicit. Kent was the main instigator, of course, followed closely by Anne. But now, Janet was beginning to take more of a role in encouraging them, too. Then Jan noticed Anne had spilled on her front, right about her nipple, and pointed it out to everyone. Kent leapt from his chair and rushed to Anne. He bent his head and lapped away the spot on her tank top, playing with her nipple through the material with his tongue as he did. That had been the most blatant contact I had ever seen between them. Then Anne said, "I think it soaked through" and lifted her shirt, exposing one erect nipple. Down went Kent again, this time smothering her entire breast with his mouth. Just as quickly, he jumped back to his seat. Though comical, it clearly paved the way for greater intimate contact. No sooner had Kent sat down, than he deliberately dropped a morsel into his own lap.

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Anja's was coming, hard, from both Anne's and my tongue on her clit. She shuddered violently, clasping our heads. Her fist was bunched in Anne's thick hair. I'm shaved bald, so Anja dug her long nails into my scalp instead. Kent banged Anne hard, causing her face to repeatedly bump into Anja's pussy.We concluded our loving, leisurely fuck with Anne having another screaming orgasm. Since I had already showered, I was going to step out and let my wife finish. While drying off, in came Jan looking rather disheveled. She smiled pleasantly at me and headed into the shower with Anne. As she stepped in, I couldn't help but notice what appeared to be traces of fresh come spotting the backs of her shapely thighs. Man, I thought, Kent is a sperm factory this morning. I also considered peeking into the shower to see what the girls might be up to. But since I knew Janet was very undecided about the whole girl-girl aspect, I figured it best to stay out of that unless it happened in right front of me."I'll come in," he said. "You go first.""I'm not sure," Kelly said. "Probably, but I'd rather you were there to watch me."PreviousElly's eyes glittered in delight. "Then you'll help me capture and brainwash your friends?"
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"Yes, you do. But I get it. You have to put on the show.""No, that won't work. They'll just keep coming back. You'll have to kill them to make them stop stinging your nipples. Your nipples are really hurting now, so quick, crush the wasps. They have really hard shells, so you'll have to squeeze as hard as you can." The girl groaned as she pinched her nipples hard, trying to kill the wasps.TO BE CONTINUED..."Well, to you, maybe, but some of these girls will think, eww, he's my dad's age. But even if they are receptive to me, how do we know they would be into you?""No, I don't," he replied, a big smile on his face. "Why don't you try it and find out what would happen to you."With a sweet laugh, Cassidy simply closed her other hand over the tip of my dick while somehow still rubbing at that one sensitive spot under my cock head with her thumb. The orgasm seemed to fly up from my feet, shake my legs, and then burn its way through my loins and out of my pulsing member. I arched my back as I came hard, and I could actually hear my cock shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into Cassidy's cupped hands."Sorry, Kim." She turned away."Damn Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful and your tits are really nice."

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"I want you both to stand there a minute." Jan peered intently at her husbands' penis for a moment, and then leaned over to examine mine. She got very close, so close wisps of her hair brushed my cock. As she studied us, she was gliding around the tub. She ended up sitting next to Anne, and began speaking to her as if Kent and I weren't there.He'd given her a lot of time."As wet as she was?""Uh, sure," John agreed. "But you have to pay Kelly first, in cash, okay? She won't be so nervous that way.""Oh SHIT!" she yelled, and then a deep, low grunt of "Unnnnnngggggghhhh" as she came. Cassidy's hips bucked against my tongue, her chest heaving, large breasts bouncing under her shirt, as she came. I kept steady, slippery pressure on her wet clit while she orgasmed, drawing out her moans as her orgasm subsided."Not at all?" John asked.
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Tiffany looked down and smiled. "I wonder what she would have thought if I had told her that my boyfriend, or maybe I should say 'my boyfriends', was a pair of old boots." She laughed and shook her head. "No, I didn't tell her that you were using my pussy to clean your boots because the lips are so soft and silky and protect your boots from damage even when you have to apply enough pressure to remove the grit and any stuck-on gunk from the soles.""I promise. Everything," Kelly said, kneeling there, his cock sticking out less than a foot away. "And that way you don't have to wait until you get home," she said slyly. "I'll bet it makes it easier to walk if it's not hard like that.""Fine," she replied icily, "If you're so sure of yourself, then agree that you will wear UNC t-shirts and gear every Saturday and Sunday for a month after they admit that this whole thing was made up."Kent craned his head back to watch those long, lovely legs step from the tub, and then he quickly scrambled after her. Jan and I followed immediately.I knew something was wrong when he looked down at his plate, poked at his food with his fork, and then slowly looked back up at me. "Listen," he began, "I really wanted to warn you, but Kate told me it was impolite gossip and you didn't need to know."Read More »Now that we were here, however, I was horny as hell and ready to go for it. We'd been at the bar about a half hour and the two Captain and Cokes I'd had on the beach along with a couple of shots of good ole Cuervo had helped loosen me up. The bevy of young beauties was certainly heating me up.Plunging my own fingers within her silky wetness, we found a synchronicity, our bodies seeming to fit one over another perfectly, one inside another, one with the other. I imitated her rhythmic movements, but bent my fingers upward against the sensitive wall behind her pubic bone. She, instead, tapped gently on my clit with the palm of her hand.

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I slid one wet hand down off her shoulder, over her chest, and rubbed softly at one of her pink nipples with my thumb. The warm water cascading over her smooth breasts, flowing into a river between her perky cleavage, was so arousing to see. My cock swelled between Cassidy's fingers, and she grasped my pole with both of her hands. Her soft, closed fingers began gently squeezing me while turning in opposite directions, an amazing sensation of stimulation and arousal that is difficult for me to describe.I barely felt his hand on in my hair as I watched Jenna's tongue dance across the tip of his cock. I leaned closer and our tongues began to graze across each other as we licked and teased his swollen head. Jenna pressed her lips around him and I immediately did the same. I moaned softly as we kissed with Doug's spongy flesh between us. Hoping she would follow suit, I slid my lips slowly down the length of his shaft then back up again. Jenna didn't disappoint me and next time my lips took their slow journey along the length of my husband's cock, Jenna followed suit."Uh, are you, you know, doing it with lots of different guys?" John asked. Now he was absolutely certain that she wasn't wearing any panties.By the time I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, Cassidy was looking up at me with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. She had clearly swallowed all of my load.I pushed through the slightly open door to the bathroom, only to discover Janet drying her hair. She had obviously just stepped out of the shower, as beads of water still dappled her delectably nude body. She looked up, surprised.----------
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"Well, good morning to you too," Karin said. "Don't you think you could have found a bit more of a shirt to wear?" she asked.Could."Oh, no, we were just leaving," I said quickly, ignoring the dismayed look on Doug's face."Yes, baby!" I called out. "Oh, fuck me!""Sure you will, Tom, sure you will," he replied, laughing as he backed the car down the drive."You promised to uphold order," Elly hissed, flicking the paintbrush beneath her bottom lip, causing it to quiver. "To resist temptation. To be a bastion of purity.""Then I should start learning now so that I'll be plenty good when the time comes," John stated. "If you don't mind, of course, I figure in a year I'll be beating you if I try hard enough.""Makes sense," I admitted hesitantly.

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With every submission, he grew weaker.An interesting story again too. Lovely Shot!John went to his room, his head spinning as he realized that tomorrow night he was going to watch his father's best friend fuck his sister for $1,000.00. His cock was rock hard just thinking about it. He lay down on the bed, his hands behind his head, thinking about what was going to happen, wishing that Kelly was here right now to suck on his cock. That might be the best part of it after all, getting to fuck Kelly all the time, he realized. What everyone else was going to be paying $1,000.00 for, he would be getting for free whenever he wanted it. What a life.Anne cried out, "Oh...God!" and collapsed forward onto Anja."Well, do you?" John persisted. "Think about it. You know how much she loves new clothes. The latest fashions. Well, Kelly's no different than any other girl in our class. And since we only get an allowance she really has no way to get anything unless she asks for it from mom and dad.""Of course I would! But I thought Jan..."
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"Uh-uh. I'll take credit for Anne, but Jan was already full when I got her." He took a step back, surveying his penis. "Gross, dude! Clean her up when you're done with her, will ya?""Yes, they're amazing," I replied honestly.I got comfortable on the love seat and Chris said he was going to get the next round of drinks ready. Chris returned with four glasses of wine and took his place on the couch. We waited about fifteen minutes, but it seemed like hours, when the ladies returned. They exited one of the smaller bed rooms looking even sexier than they were. Both were wearing similar outfits just in different colors. The ladies were wearing satin corsets that were of the shelf-bra style with only support to hold up their beautiful breasts. The bottom of the corset ended at the top of their waist showing that neither woman was wearing any underwear showing their bald pussies. Melissa had thigh high boots with six inch heels and Lynn was still wearing her black stiletto pumps. Lynn let her reddish brown should-length hair down and flowed nicely to the top of her shoulders. Melissa’s light brown hair was pulled back into a pony-tail in the center of the back of her head… I looked at my wife and told Chris how lucky he was that he got to fuck Melissa and now was going to fuck my wife. He echoed the same to me and we “clinked” our wine glasses together toasting the evening. The ladies approached their lover for the night and took a sip of wine from Chris and my glass foregoing their own then straddling our laps as they began to kiss us lustfully. Melissa and I began to kiss deeply allowing our tongues to plunge and dance in the other’s mouth. We kissed and felt each other up. I got my first chance to play with her “augmented” breasts. I fondled, licked and sucked Melissa’s amazing tits enjoying the taste and feel of a new lover as well as the sounds she made as I did my best to pleasure her. In the few moments where I wasn’t completely lost in what Melissa and I were doing, I saw and heard that Lynn was fully enjoying herself too. Chris and Lynn looked more like long-time lovers instead of a couple together for the first time.The feather had slipped beneath her sole as she'd tried to bolt, and she'd fallen to the ground. She wriggled onto her back and struggled pathetically to cover herself against the feather's attempts. But she was prone and naked, and her breasts were not exactly easy to cover with just her hands."I'm happy to see you, too. Did you sleep well?" He asked.She picked up her clothes and started off down the path naked, her ass swinging. John hurriedly picked up his shorts and pulled them on, then quickly caught up to her on the trail."Oh, please let Doug do it!"As he pulled away in the car John had to fight hard not to jump high up in the air. He had done it! Now it was just a matter of selling the fine print, namely Kelly wanted him there to watch while they fucked. Dumping his golf bag in the garage, John took off down the trail towards the river. When he got to the clearing Kelly was already in the water, her suit in a pile on the grass. Wanting to surprise her, John sat down with his back against the oak tree, enjoying the sensation of having just pulled off his first deal. It wasn't long before he heard Kelly scrambling up the embankment. As she cleared the top and looked up, she started, surprised to see anyone there, and then relaxed when she realized that it was John.

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A long moment went by. She seemed quite distracted trying to cool the mug's contents off. Okino's heart was pounding."That's okay. I know what you were doing."With her free hand, the brunette twisted one of her partner’s nipples between her fingers. She alternated, squeezing, and clawing. From the window, just a few yards away, Ruth did not miss a single detail. She watched the hands of the blonde, who gripped the brunette’s hips anxiously; simultaneously her partner’s full breasts danced from side to side with each thrust."I told him what high school girl could resist the idea of $1,000.00 to spend on clothes and fashions and stuff like that.""Rough night last night?" I asked somewhat jokingly.Melissa and I headed off to dinner and I watched Lynn and Chris go their way. From that moment, I wouldn't see my wife till the next morning. As for Melissa and I, we enjoyed a relaxing dinner and drinks together. Unlike the previous night, the connection between Melissa and I seemed to be on a deeper level than just sex. Following dinner, Melissa and I took a stroll around the hotel property enjoying each other’s company. Not much was said between us, but the time spent holding hands and the tender moments we shared were a stark difference to the animalistic lust that had been the driving force of the previous night. We made our way up to our suite and when we entered, we could see that Chris and Lynn had already made their way to their room earlier. We made our way to our room and on the way we passed the door to the room where my wife and Chris were, we could hear moans of passion, but unlike the night before, tonight the door was closed. At first, I though it strange that I knew my wife was in that room having sex with another man and I was not going to be a part of it… I wasn’t even allowed to watch, but I trusted both she and Chris.
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"That's unfair," Tom protested. "You have no chance."He imagined advancing on the slut. Her ass was practically being presented for him like a target. What if he just stepped up and gave her...?"OK, fourteen, but not twenty." Anne admitted with a smile."And she got that mad?" He whistled. "Because she looked—""Suck it!" I begged as I felt my orgasm building within me."We'll talk later," Tom said, walking away."It's just an idea," John said.Mistress smiled sadly. “See how dumb you are? You hardly ever get to come, and now you've somehow convinced yourself she's blonde! Poor confused bimbo."

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"It's the best," John agreed, noticing that her shirt had pulled up, exposing the undersides of her tits.I nodded. "Yes! For just a couple of hours. I promise you'll have a great time too!" I gave her what I hoped was a disarming smile and added, "Please?""I definitely won't do it if you're not there," Kelly said, looking suddenly afraid.Anne tossed her wet hair, ignoring him. "What about the neighbors?""Maybe I should tell him about Kelly," John mused, curious to what Tom's reaction would be to that comment.6 Oral Sex Positions That’ll Put a Smile On Everyone’s Face
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"Rough night last night?" I asked somewhat jokingly."They'll have more than a fit if they ever find out all of it, that's for sure," Kelly agreed.Trys was blonde. She was a honey addict! Right? Surely Mistress was mistaken."Well, I'm going in then," Kelly said. "You join me if you want to," she said, stepping down to the edge of the bank and pulling her shirt off over her head, her back to John. Dropping it next to her, she quickly skinned out of her shorts and dove into the river, leaving a gape-mouthed John standing on the bank.And she kissed him again, and his mind fell utterly into honeyed bliss.Kent and I sat beside our wives, Kent by Anne, me by Jan."But Ia!" Elly made a face of mock shock. "That doesn't sound like something a brave knight would say!""Mmm, hmm." She murmured into Anja's wet opening.

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Jenna began to yelp repeatedly as Doug relentlessly slammed his prick into her. There was some discomfort in those yelps, but much more pleasure and the sight of her blue eyes bulging from her face, sent my recently relieved pussy back into gear.Still looking at him, I appreciated the gleam in his big blue eyes and the smile on his face. Even when he wasn't laughing or joking, Doug looked as if he were about to. Between his carefree expression, the blue eyes, and his dirty blond hair, Doug possessed a boyish charm that belied his forty-two years and made me fall in love with him again every time I looked at him."Hey!" I called out when the second we were out on the floor, Jenna quickly stepped around me coming up from behind, wrapping her slim arms around my waist."I want you to fuck me" she whispered. I could easily smell the strong scent of alcohol on her breath.The door opened and Cassidy quietly slipped into the men's room with me. I quickly bolted and locked the door behind her. When I turned back to face her, she was beaming, a nervous excitement in her eyes."I told Jenna how we thought maybe we would see how the younger crowd has fun and stop in for awhile."
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I wiped my cock head with some toilet paper, flushed, and turned to find that she had been watching me the whole time. "I think there should be repercussions when you do something like that," I told her."I know, I just hope this doesn't change things with them. I really like Kent and Janet."I went out to run some errands before Cassidy woke up. When I returned that afternoon, Cassidy was awake and cooking herself some eggs over the stove."Sex," Kelly said emphatically, seeing him blush."But you must," she purred. "And you know you will eventually. It's what Mistress wants.”"Am I hideous?" she asked, prodding me teasingly. "A cute girl is asking you to cum in her hair.""Well, they're a little higher than we are. I suppose so.""Dad, do you mind if John and I go to a movie tonight?" Kelly asked innocently.

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For the better part of the next hour, they asked Anne and I about our swinging experiences, which we both candidly related to them. They listened, fascinated, as we regaled them with stories about marathon sex, fabulous couples, disastrous evenings and spectacular parties. Even Janet seemed quite interested in our experiences with third and fourth couples participating. The conversation was also having a visible effect on both Kent and I. Anne had noticed my cock beginning to stir. At first, she used her hand to stimulate me. As soon as I became fully erect again, she bent her head to my lap, engulfing my cock in her wonderful mouth."No, if I think about it, I'll never make a decision," I admitted to her. "Let's agree to your offer now. I'm in. But what's in it for you?""$1,000.00?"Ia could barely even think about the words she was babbling out between giggles, but she managed to shake her head, desperate to avoid being punished again. Whatever Mistress wanted."Oh, it's so big!" she groaned as he eased the entire length inside her.He laughed. "My mom never looked like you! Age doesn't matter, hot is hot!"
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Jan put her hand behind her, groping for my cock. Without ceasing my ministrations on her clit, I leaned back so she could get her hand around my shaft. My cock swelled at her touch. She pumped it a few times. Next, she ran her thumb and finger appraisingly over its dimensions."Well," he said, giving me a sly smile, "I kind of figure you're going to have to be our ice breaker.""She doesn't like to suck cock, Kelly," he replied.John just stood there watching her, not believing for a minute that she would actually come out of the water with him standing there like that. He figured she just wanted to see if she could get him to undress in front of her. But to his surprise Kelly didn't stop when she got to the bank of the river, she just stood up and began walking up the bank towards him, water running off her hard nipples, her tits swaying as she climbed up. And he could see the moisture sparkling in her sparse red pubic hair. He could even make out the outline of her pussy lips as she scrambled up towards him.Without a word, Anne began stripping, and was nude in seconds.When her panting had returned to more normal breathing, I sat back down on the floor and looked up at Cassidy. Her face was flushed, and a big smile crossed her pretty face, framed by her red hair. Her eyes were closed, but as she felt me looking at her, she eventually opened them and her satisfied blue eyes looked back at me.To the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic StoryTo the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic Story"Yeah, he's not a happy camper," Tom agreed.

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