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That day was the afternoon shift, from four-thirty to eight-thirty. She had just arrived at the bookstore and was already feeling drained of energy. The soaring temperatures from the sun turned into a choking stuffiness within the un-air conditioned storeroom. It only had a small window that never seemed to catch even a hint of a breeze, only a view of the hotel across the street. For several weeks she had been asking her boss for a fan, but like most things, it had been promised ‘in a few days’; she would have to settle for one more day with that tiny window."Because I love you," Kelly replied. "And I want you for me. The rest of them are for the money and the fun, but you're just for me. You agree?""I'm the tall, skinny Redhead." She peered through the reflection on the glass."God, John, that was the best fuck of my life," she said. "I guess I've always wanted it to be you."Kurt looked almost disappointed, but Anja answered for him."How come you always go out with someone different?" John asked.
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"My clothes were wet." Anne said with an innocent shrug."...and?" I asked, expectantly."Oh, fuck this is hot!" she cried out as she put her arms around us. As I licked her nipple, I looked across at Doug and felt my pussy start to drip watching him tongue that pretty pink nub. My hand slid down Jenna's flat stomach and she whimpered as my fingers began caressing the soft skin of her mound. She gasped and jerked forward as Doug's hand had slid down her back and gave her ass a hard squeeze."I don't know what you think you know, but I—you're wrong." Turning, I walked quickly off the dance floor and over to Doug."Oh, no, we were just leaving," I said quickly, ignoring the dismayed look on Doug's face."This is your warning," John gasped."God, I love this place," Kelly said, flopping down on the ground on her back, her arms flung wide."Sort of. I came with a friend, but then she ran into a guy she knew and sort of left me hanging." She paused and once again gave me that shy smile. "Are you?"

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"Well, how about tomorrow night?" Tom asked. "Can you get out on a week night?""Are you sure you can?" John asked, not believing what he was hearing.Anja's was coming, hard, from both Anne's and my tongue on her clit. She shuddered violently, clasping our heads. Her fist was bunched in Anne's thick hair. I'm shaved bald, so Anja dug her long nails into my scalp instead. Kent banged Anne hard, causing her face to repeatedly bump into Anja's pussy.I knew there would be a breaking point one way or another, but I could never have anticipated how it would happen."Jesus!" Tom exclaimed, all his breath leaving his body. "What an outrageous idea. What makes you even think you could get her to agree to do this anyway?""You can't help it, can you?" The redhead gave him several long, sensuous licks over his neck. "Your mind is just drowning in sexy whispers! You're so horny, you don't have any friggin' room for those nasty li'l thoughts anymore!" Her tongue lingered a little on the last lick, drawing out the agonizingly erotic sensation. “Do you?” she whispered sweetly in his ear.
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"I can't wait for next time," she said. "Do you really think that dad's other friends would like to fuck me too?" she asked. "I think I'd like that.""Uh-huh, go ahead." She mumbled through a mouthful of my cock.She came to stand in front of him, biting one lip, and reached down to touch his cock. He couldn't move. Her fingers stroked gently over his member, making his very soul quiver. "It's all out for me an' everything," she whispered in wonder. "Oh, good boy.""Cassidy!" I scolded her. "Personal space!" I was genuinely shocked by her intrusion."Well, I guess so," Kelly said, giggling. "I mean, why would you want me?"Buford smiled at the memory. "I couldn't resist them; and I figured that, since you had been in no hurry to get fed, there was no reason for me to get in any hurry to feed you either: That rubber hose certainly wasn't going anywhere.""Well, you remember our deal? If now's a good time, I could really use your help getting off?" she said. She was very polite about it, but also very much to-the-point in her typical way.That Saturday night, Cassidy once again did something I had not expected, and I surprised myself. We went out to drinks with several friends to celebrate our former roommates' upcoming wedding. Cassidy was wearing this short, tight, powder blue dress that showed off all of her fantastic curves. Her smooth, toned legs were on full display, with the hem of her dress ending well above her knees. The dress hugged her round, toned ass, and also clung to the swell of her big, round boobs. The front of the dress scooped low to show off the full tops of her smooth, perky breasts. And I was far from the only one to notice how amazing she looked that night.

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"Like this, Mr. Henderson?" Kelly squeaked out, scrambling up onto the bar, leaning back on her hands, her feet up on the edge and wide apart, exposing her pussy entirely to his glazed eyes.As I kissed her deeply, I carefully unbuckled her bra allowing her restraints to fall to the floor. I reached up and began to caress her tits as we maintained our passionate lip-lock. We fell to the bed still in our embrace and she pulled my shirt off of me and began to kiss my nipples. As she alternated between my nipples, she reached between my legs and grabbed my swollen cock. She was surely skilled at working my nipples and stroking me at the same time. She built me towards an orgasm and I let these amazing feelings take over my body. Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, I broke our embrace and put her in the center of the bed. I secured the sides of her thong and carefully pulled it off of her. As her thong peeled off her pussy, I could see her wetness in her panties. Melissa changed her pussy jewelry back to the barbell over her clit and I couldn’t wait to taste her again. I managed to overcome my desire to eat Melissa right then and instead opted to kiss her on her mouth again. I alternated fondling her breasts with one had while the other hand played with her very wet pussy. I stroked her lips till my fingers were good and wet then inserted one, then two fingers into my lover’s love hole. Melissa began to tremble as the sexual pleasure took over her body. As I rubbed and fingered her, I could feel her clit harden letting me know she was on the verge of having an orgasm. I asked her how she wanted to cum and she told me she wanted me inside her when she came. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lick her pussy as wet as it was, so as I lifted myself off of her I dove my face into her swollen and wet pussy and took a quick lick and taste of her love box. Getting a mouth full of her juices, I readied myself to enter her. Knowing I was ready to cum myself, I reached over to the nightstand to grab a condom and as I readied to open it, Melissa took it from me and said that we would not be using condoms that night… she wanted to feel me shoot my load in her. That thought alone almost made me cum. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her love hole and Melissa looked at me and lovingly said, “Make love to me! Let me feel your cock in me and fill me up with your cum!” Wanting to be a good lover, I did as I was asked. I slid my cock into her and instantly I realized how much better her pussy felt skin-to-skin. I began to ease my cock in and out of her feeling the incredibly tight walls of her love canal. We stayed in missionary position as I steadily increased my pace. Melissa’s moans of pleasure were unlike the night before, that night they were far more passionate and loving. I could feel my orgasm nearing and I told Melissa I was about to cum. She reached between her legs and began to rub herself in time with my thrusts. As her self-pleasuring pace increased, I knew she was ready to explode. I tried my best to postpone my impeding explosion and as I felt Melissa explode I couldn’t hold myself off and I released my own orgasm while she came too. The two of us came together as we bucked through our orgasms. As the waves of sexual ecstasy took over our bodies, we both tried to hold each other to share the feeling with our lover. My orgasm finished first, but my cock was still somehow semi-hard and still remained in Melissa’s pussy. I fell on to her to hold her and caress her through her final moments of her orgasm. I heard her whimper and nearly cry with thankfulness and gratitude for the love making we just shared. My limping cock began to slip out of Melissa and when it finally popped out from her I felt how wet it was as it fell against my leg. Melissa reached down to her crotch and pulled two fingers of the love cocktail we had made and she took it in her mouth. She reached in for a second serving this time offering it to me. I joyfully cleaned my lover’s fingers enjoying the taste of what we made together. We laid side-by-side for a while before we made love a second time and then a third. By the third time we had made love, I had the pleasure of cumming in Melissa’s pussy and mouth too. I even had the thrill of watching her suck my cock dry and swallow every drop of my sperm. What we shared that night was something incredible.I helped her to her feet. Janet was moaning loudly. Kent still pumping between Anja's lips."Sister," the brunette said warningly, "we can't fuck him, remember? It'd spoil everything! Just make him lick you out!""Either, whichever one you prefer.""Cum in my hair, Kevin," she pleaded.. "I know you would just love to empty your balls right into my hair, and I'm asking you to do it. Cum for me."
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"What happened? Are we—""Then cum on my face," Cassidy replied, her blue eyes moving up to meet mine. "Isn't that the point? Don't I look sexy for you dressed up like this? I'm on my knees for you, just waiting for your hot cum on my face."Dear LELO: Is Sex In Water Safe?"Kelly," John began as he felt that familiar churning feeling in his balls, "I think I'm going to..." was all he got out."Because I want you to get so hot and horny watching someone else fuck me that you'll totally fuck my brains out after we get back home," she replied, smiling at him."Is that all your going to give him?""Just like what you wore to school today," John replied. "Short skirt, no panties. We want him to be really excited, and it will make you seem more like a little girl to him. The idea is for him to like it so much that he wants to do it again and again.""That's pretty open-ended," Jason said.

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I too am in my mid-forty’s, I am 6ft tall and medium build at about 210. With life and day-to-day, I am only able to hit the gym three times a week trying to keep myself in some decent shape as to keep myself looking good for my wife. I am averaged size below sporting a 6 in circumcised member which I keep well groomed with only a small strip of pubes above my shaft and clean shaven every place else. My wife says she loves the shape of my member with a definite distinction between the head and the shaft. She loves to feel my plump head enter her followed by the shaft with defined veins to give it a little extra feel…. She has always enjoyed the feel of my cock in her mouth and her love canal."Get 'em off!" Kent roared. "No wet clothes on the furniture, I'm renting here."Cassidy's soft, warm, slippery mouth closed over the head of my member, her tongue circling teasingly around the head of my cock. Then she plunged down, swallowing more of my long pole than any woman had even attempted before, slid her tongue back up over the underside of my shaft as her head rose, and then plunged back down again, tightly enclosing my meat in her warm, wet cheeks. For the first minute or so, I actually watched the porno blowjob on my computer screen behind Cassidy, my brain tantalized by watching a blowjob while also receiving a blowjob. And Cassidy was very good at sucking my dick. Her tongue swirled my tip and her soft lips sucked over my sensitive skin, and her hot, wet mouth enveloped me.Difficulty Rating: 4/5 Pros: There are two things we don’t like about being the receiver in the doggy-style position; firstly, it puts a lot of weight on your ...Check AlsoThe next morning I started my day with a shower. As I was washing away the sweat from the night before, I was completely distracted by thoughts of the amazing blowjob I had received. The blowjob was so good, I was still not completely sure that it hadn't been a dream. Any lingering doubts were washed away with the sweat when I was startled by the shower door opening.
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"Is that what you'd like, Kelly?" he asked, again shocked by the way she talked."Oh, no! You were fine. I just need a moment to fit you in." She answered.Where Lynn is a passionate, caressing cock sucker, Melissa is an animal when it comes to sucking cock. Melissa attacked my cock with an aggressive onslaught sucking me like there was no tomorrow. The amount of suction that she managed on me was tighter than I had ever felt. As Melissa began to bob her head on my shaft, she worked my balls with one hand and stroked the base of my cock with the other. There was no doubt that she was hell bent on making me cum before Lynn could make Chris cum. I peered over to see my wife working Chris’ cock and she was giving her very sensual and passionate oral pleasuring to Chris. Seeing how much Chris was enjoying himself and he seeing my enjoyment, we both gave each other a high-five as we relished in the wonderful sensation that the other guy’s wife was giving us. I looked at what Melissa was doing to me and she had a ton of saliva on my cock and she used it as lube as she skillfully stroked my cock. I could feel my urge to blow my load build with every stroke and I wondered how far along Chris was. I watched my wife make love to Chris’ cock with her mouth and I felt myself tense up to one hell of an orgasm. I couldn’t take it anymore and I relaxed my tension and warned Melissa that I was about to cum. She released my cock from her mouth and brought her tits up to my cock and stroked me till I shot my load all over her beautiful breasts. As I began blowing my load on Melissa’s tits, she exclaimed that she had won, celebrating as my goo shot allover her tits.If you think smiling is the best thing you can do with your mouth, take a break (maybe grab a Kit-Kat) and prepare to wow your partner tonight ..."All right, let's go then," Kelly agreed, skipping off down the trail, her bikini in her hand."Right now," Kelly panted, frantically working at his zipper and reaching in for his cock. As soon as she had him exposed she turned and bent over, her hands flat on the floor."Sure." Buford headed towards the porch, then stopped to remove his well-worn boots before he entered the house. Tiffany also removed her shoes before she entered the house. Buford liked to keep things clean.I rolled over on one elbow to view the scene around me. Anja was contentedly enjoying the orgasm we gave her. Anne was crying out loudly, announcing to the room she was about to come again. Kent sounded close as well. Kurt and Janet had moved to the larger sofa. She was on her back, her pretty legs dr*ped over Kurt's huge shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. Kurt had his face buried in Jan's tasty muff.

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"Good-night."I didn't try to hold onto her. As my arms slid from her shoulders, she pointed at me. "So...So you want me to come home with both of you?" She looked back at Doug, and then asked, "You want me to let him watch?"Cassidy paused. "Why now? Why ask now?"It was the catgirl who'd hypnotized him before! 'Mew', the one they'd been waiting for! He stared up in awe at her gorgeous freckled face, longing for her to start teasing him the way her sisters had."Hey, you two," Jason shouted. "Time's up. You have to drop a ball.""You're going to make me cum," John groaned, feeling his balls tighten.
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"Boundaries?" she responded. "You've cum in my hair, on my face twice, and now we've had sex. You've seen me naked and gone down on me more times than I can count. I think we passed through most of the boundaries a long time ago."She stepped closer to stick her hand out of the open window, and gazing upward her eyes caught a dark-haired woman, leaning against a balcony railing across the street, completely naked. She blushed and reflexively withdrew her hand, but her eyes remains transfixed.The next morning I started my day with a shower. As I was washing away the sweat from the night before, I was completely distracted by thoughts of the amazing blowjob I had received. The blowjob was so good, I was still not completely sure that it hadn't been a dream. Any lingering doubts were washed away with the sweat when I was startled by the shower door opening.Ia felt her world falling from beneath her feet, and as she was suspended in the air right now, this was quite a feeling. She drifted in space, her head spinning. She felt the fairies suckle her nipples with their wet cunts, felt the feather tickling her shoulderblades mercilessly, making her shoulders reflexively buck and struggle, and felt, of course, the horrid, exquisite tickling at her clit that drove out all other thought."You got any problem with that, Jason?" he asked."You want me to arrange sex for money for you?" he asked. "But your condition is you get to have me whenever you want?"Kent rolled off Anne, exhausted, onto his back in the plush fur. Anne and Anja lay in each other's embrace. The four of us rested a bit, watching Kurt bring Janet to another orgasm. I had heard her coming earlier, too, when Kurt was fucking her.She reached us. Making sure to keep my eyes on her face only, I said, "Jenna, please, I think you misunderstood what we—"

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"M-Mistress—" The paintbrush tickled Ia's lips again, and she had to bite her lip hard to keep from being consumed in laughter. "I'll l-love you!" she squealed. "Just please don't... don't...""Okay, 8:00.""How about you John?"That week, Cassidy asked me to go down on her a couple of times. I got a blowjob on Thursday night in return. At first she seemed surprised that I didn't ask for sex immediately, but she quickly caught on that I was saving those opportunities.Uh-oh, I thought. Jenna drove that feeling home when she leaned closer and whispered, "You were getting Mr. Wilson all worked up, weren't you?"Worse, I felt embarrassed asking for "help" from Cassidy. There were a couple of times when she was around and I got horny, a couple of times even when she made me horny. One Saturday night I remember her getting all dolled up, wearing a shiny little dress and heading out to a club. She spent a few minutes chatting with me in the living room, waiting for her friends, and I remember thinking how sexy she looked. It was a classy but low cut top that highlighted her big, round breasts and left the creamy tops of her cleavage exposed. And her red hair was all smooth and silky straight, her pale, toned thighs fully on display. It really turned me on. But Cassidy was just casually chatting with me as if she was clueless to the effect she was having on me. I didn't know what to say. "Hey, can you give me a quick handjob before you go out, your outfit has me really turned on?" seemed inappropriate. How did I initiate my end of the deal?
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"Oh, yeah, I like it just fine," John said, smiling down at her. "I like it more and more each time."Anja lowered her face to Janet's pussy. Jan tensed momentarily, and then visibly relaxed. So did I."Ohhh," I moaned, "I don't know...""I'll never tell!" she said, turning serious. "I hope you know that! I...want to be able to come back and play again!"He pointed to the mirror and I saw Jenna turn her head slightly. I gave her a wink and then moaned as seeing me she slowly eased Doug's cock from her mouth, "How do I look sucking your husband's cock?""Yeah, guess it really doesn't matter whose idea this was."Taking his hard peter in his hand, he rubbed the head of it between Kelly's thick pussy lips, feeling it get instantly coated in her slick juices. Raising it up a bit, he pressed it against the opening to her pussy and very slowly pressed forward, watching intently as inch after inch disappeared inside of her. Then he started rocking his hips back and forth, sliding the entire length of his cock in and out of his sister's pussy while she remained bent over in the garage.The word almost sounded more insulting than 'pet', the way she said it.

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"Well, she said okay in the end," he explained, "except for one difference.""I'm sure men would pay through the nose to fuck you," John said."What?!" she interrupted, playfully exasperated. She finally looked up at my face and her dazzling blue eyes met mine. "You jerk off, I use a vibrator. Sex is a totally normal thing, there's no reason to hide it." Her fingers were now gripping me more deliberately, my cock still lubricated from the lotion I had been using and the previous tingling from my near orgasm quickly returning.John watched closely as Mr. Henderson rubbed his dick up and down between Kelly's wet pussy lips several times; each time he rubbed upwards and slid his peter across her big clit, Kelly let out a moan of pleasure. John had never seen her so hot before and he knew it was because she was fucking Becky?s daddy."Why, do you mind watching while I fuck Becky?s daddy?" she asked."How about like this?" I asked, looking at Cassidy's bl
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"That feels sooo good!" Jenna whimpered."So, how about we get in our cars and I meet you back at your place and we have fun?" She gave me a huge smile. "It's the weekend and my folks are away. I could even spend the night. Wouldn't that be fun? You guys don't do that, but you could with me! Hmm, that would be nice sleeping between the two of you."After a few moments of the two ladies talking of their oral skills, greatly to my surprise, my Lynn suggested to see who could make their man cum first! Now I was horny as hell and I could see that Chris was also rocking a full erect cock. I have never turned down a blowjob and I wasn’t going to start now! The two ladies agreed to see who could get their husband to cum first using their oral skills. Chris and I removed our shorts allowing our cocks to be free from their clothing restraints. As I wrote earlier, I have a nicely shaped 6 in cock that seems to be wider than most men of that size. Chris on the other hand looked to be a bit longer, perhaps 8in or so, but his cock is definitely on the thinner-longer type. The two girls looked at each other and gave themselves a countdown, and when they hit 0, they both attacked their husband’s cock. So here we were, Chris and I laying back with our legs open and enjoying our wives giving us a blowjob. Lynn worked her magic oral skills on me alternating between sucking and licking and bobbing her head up and down on my shaft. My attention kept switching between watching my wife and looking over to watch Chris and Melissa. After a few minutes, Melissa released herself from Chris and suggested that the two ladies switch partners. OMG… did I just hear what I thought I heard?!? I looked at Lynn to see what to see what her reaction would be. She gave me a look and in her eyes I could see that she was open to giving it a try. She brought her face to mine and asked me I would be ok with her giving Chris a blowjob to which I told her if she was ok… I was ok! I gave her a kiss on her lips and she made her way over to swap positions with Melissa.~~~~ ~~~~"Yes, cum, John, cum," Kelly said, frigging herself. "I want to see you cum."Her tongue flicked across my ear. Gathering the last of my senses, I pulled away from her.To my incredible embarrassment, I could feel my face flushing bright red AND my cock growing a little from the attention.Kelly gasped when she felt John's cock suddenly withdrawn from her pussy and she quickly scrambled around so that his cock was hanging in front of her face, dripping with their combined juices. She opened her mouth and hungrily sucked on it, slurping at it and delighting in the flavors she was tasting, he was so hard! Then she felt John's hands twine in her hair, holding her head firmly in his grasp, and he began to fuck her mouth, sliding his cock in and out, banging it into the back of her throat each time. She concentrated on lathing his cock with her tongue each time he filled her mouth, loving the feeling of it sliding back and forth, so strong and smooth.

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"Oh...My...God! You look HOT!" Janet exclaimed. Kent and Jan were standing in the door looking at us. I think they wanted to take a quick shower, too."Well, why not take your skirt off first," he said, "and I'll undress too."Janet persisted. "How many?"Yes. He had to make her stop. With the hand she wasn't holding to the mug, he reached out and tried to push her away. Had to break free. Had to get away from her. But he felt so... so weak..."Are you....blackmailing me?""I would really like to fuck you, now." I said to her.
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"You like my breasts?" Cassidy asked as my fingers slipped over the tip of one of her big, firm mounds. I was drinking in the sight of her pale, smooth tit flesh being washed by the water."Okay," she replied. "That's fair. I owe you sex twice, whenever you want it." She looked at my cock, now standing stiffly straight with morning wood. "You want it now?"She hesitated, looked through my open bedroom doorway for some reason, and then back at me. "This going to sound crazy..." she began, before trailing off."Well, I'm not sure about that," John said, hedging and suddenly feeling very nervous. "But I do sort of have an idea.""I'm your sister," Kelly said with a laugh, floating on her back, her tits sticking up out of the water, and her fiery red pubic hair just visible below the surface. "Besides, nobody's here, is there?"She looked up at Buford. He always drove a hard bargain with city folk, who he felt looked down on him; and looking back on it now, perhaps she had looked down on him too when she had first met him. She certainly didn't look down on him now. After a year of helping out on his chicken farm in return for chicken "feed", as he liked to put it, the city girl felt practically in awe of him."Okay, what is it?" I asked."Yes, I promise," Kelly said eagerly, sensing his weakness. "I'll tell you everything in detail."

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